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Traveller Evictions

Our Traveller Eviction services

  • Issuing the traveller or the trespasser an eviction notice

  • Allocating enforcement agents or bailiffs as per the requirements

  • Rapid response services with the eviction notice generally served in 24 hours.

  • Professional assessment of the condition by a certified enforcement agent

  • Local police liaison to offer support during the eviction

  • Monitoring the property or land to make sure that the trespassers or travellers leave the place as per the eviction notice. 

  • Clearing your property


Our professional and highly trained security team can offer every aspect of support service throughout and can supply the required resources to ensure the eviction process goes smoothly. Besides, we can also offer longer-term security provisions or mobile patrol services if required. Get in touch with us now to get a free quote and hire our professional security guards.

K9 Security Ltd. is a reputed security company that has specialized in gypsy as well as traveller evictions for commercial as well as private property owners. Our security officers are highly committed to offering a fast and effective solution to any problems related to traveller trespassing. 

Utilizing ethical and lawful ways, our officers can remove unwanted guests from your property, and there is no need to wait for the courts to issue the possession order. We are here to help you and all the landlord enforce their right by law to evict traveller from your property without any hassle or fear. 

We all know that dealing with a large group of travellers alone can be a frightening task, and you can even sustain injuries. That’s why our experienced team of security experts is here to make sure that your land is legally and peacefully re-obtained. We handle all the evictions by following the standard procedure, and it will not attract any legal actions. We can always trust K9 Security Ltd. to get the task done without any unnecessary interruptions.


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