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Mobile Patrols

There is no doubt that in this modern society, the need for a professional mobile patrol emerged quite frequently. The professional mobile petrol supervisors can check the property or area regularly to make sure that the place is 100 percent safe. Remember that your home can be more vulnerable during weekends, seasonal holidays, and nights. So, how to keep it safe? Don’t worry at all, as K9 Security Ltd. is there for you.

Our highly trained and experienced security officers will reach your place with a liveried vehicle and carry out a security patrol of your area at the desired frequencies. During the patrolling, they will check for any intrusion or damage. 

Cameras and alarms sometimes are not enough to make you feel that your property or house is safe from intruders. Our professional mobile security patrols are highly specialized in monitoring the locations. We have been providing mobile patrol solutions for years, and we have expertise when it comes to offering the best quality security.

Highly efficient and trained mobile patrol services

During the patrol, our security experts will check for any criminal damage, vandalism, health and safety issues, and nuisance behaviour. Our team of highly experienced security officers can also with maintenance staff as well as contractors to help. 

It has been proved that having a patrol is an ideal way to prevent crime. As a leading security service provider, K9 Security Ltd. can offer you peace of mind. Get in touch with us now.

How do K9 mobile patrols carry out the task?

Highly dedicated mobile patrol supervisors ensure that your properties are safe even if you are not at hour home. All our security supervisors are well trained, and they utilize state-of-the-art equipment as well as methods to carry out their tasks. Wondering how we ensure your maximum safety? Have a look at these points. 

  • Regular visit on random as well as stated time

  • Immediate response if there is something unusual

  • Collaboration with the alarm response unit

  • Monitoring different activities and reporting the issue

  • Reporting the potential health and safety issues


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