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K9 Unit

Our highly trained K9 Security Ltd. teams can be deployed alongside other security services, like night guard services, manned security guarding, gatehouse security, mobile patrols, or independently. We have excellently trained our intelligent security dogs to act as an effective deterrent against trespassing, theft as well as criminal damage. Besides, they can be a perfect addition to strengthen your existing security solution effectively. 

Working together with our licensed security officers, the security dogs of K9 Security Ltd. act as an extra pair of eyes and ears. With an amazing sense of hearing and smell, our trained security dogs can effectively sense, detect as well as respond to a human presence much faster than the security officers.

With an impressive ability to identify the intruders from around 300m away, trespassers stand a tiny chance of remaining undetected.

Mobile Dog Patrol

K9 unit or security dog service of K9 Security Ltd. works amazingly with our mobile patrol service. Our professional canine operatives will patrol your site, acting as a perfect visual deterrent and helping our security officers to secure your property.

Specialist Search Dog K9 Security Ltd. Team

At K9 Security Ltd., we also offer search dogs to secure your event or premise. Besides, they are also quite efficient in; 

  • Explosive detection

  • Pyrotechnics detection

  • Tobacco detection

  • Drug detection and more

Our professional security officers and security dogs are a team. They don't just work with them but also live with the security dogs, developing a robust bond to work together in order to keep you and your property safe. Our K9 Unit can't be threatened by the intimidating behaviour of intruders and can tackle all security situations, helping our officers in their duties. Deploying our specially trained and obedient security dogs can cut down on the manpower required on your site. With our K9 Unit, you can enjoy cost-effective security without compromising safety. So, go on and hire them now. 


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