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7 Ultimate ways to make your construction site super secure

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The construction industry encounters various security challenges on a regular basis. Starting from the concerns of theft, injuries, liability issues, vandalism and many other concerns, the construction industry has to face a wide range of security risks. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry has the highest frequency of fatal work injuries. Furthermore, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicates that the construction industry accounts for almost 40 % of the total industrial deaths.

At the same time, the National Equipment Register Equipment Theft Report has clearly indicated that value of stolen large construction equipment comes in between $300 million and $1 billion. In addition, the lack of security can also cause unauthorized trespassing and liabilities in event of injuries to trespassers or workers. How can contracts improve the security of their construction site? Let us find out!


Steps for Increasing Safety of Construction Site

Construction sites are vulnerable to security risks, primarily because they are out in the open. Even if you have the proper precedents for planning, organization and management in a construction process, you would still encounter challenges in maintaining the security of your construction site. However, you can always depend on the following ways for ensuring that your construction site is super secure.

1. Have a Plan

One of the foremost requirements for ensuring security at a construction site is a security plan. You must have a clear outline of the construction site area alongside identification of valuable assets and points of vulnerability. Professional security companies can help you with the assessment process and offer favourable recommendations for the security strategy.

2. Focus on Organization

The most basic pointer which can help you ensure security of a construction site refers to organization of the site. With a properly organized construction site, you wouldn’t have to encounter any difficulties in tracing out important assets. In addition, proper organization of a construction site helps in ensuring effective storage of construction materials with safety.

3. Perimeter Security is Paramount

Contractors should begin with security of the construction site from the perimeter. Perimeter security basically refers to the installation of systems for safeguarding the construction site, especially from thieves and vandals. Some of the commonly implemented systems for perimeter security include CCTV cameras and motion sensors. Perimeter security not only helps in safeguarding the premises with options for real-time alerts in response to security breaches but also offers security for areas adjacent to the construction site, such as loading areas, pedestrian traffic and parking garage.

4. Security Personnel

The most commonly accepted method for ensuring high levels of security for your construction site takes you to security personnel. Select a trustworthy private security services provider and hire their services for deploying trained security personnel at your construction site. With the assurance of trained security personnel on the construction site, you can get relief from security threats. You could contact K9 Security Ltd. for having professionally trained security guards protecting your construction site 24x7 right now.

5. Access Control Systems

Contractors should also work on installation of access control systems which can help in managing entry to the worksite. You need to have only one access point for implementing an automated access control system. The automated access control system could use the database of existing employee IDs to check authenticity of each individual entering the construction site. As a result, the access control system can restrict outsiders from the construction site while also improving ease of movement for workers.

6. Light It Up

Among the many things which contractors ignore regarding the safety of construction sites, lighting is one of the most undermined ones. As a matter of fact, contractors perceive lighting as a trivial necessity for construction sites where majority of the work happens during the day. However, intruders make the most of the night’s darkness to invade your site and steal valuable assets or even stay there during the night. On the other hand, a well-lit construction site could easily bring attention to any unwanted trespassers, thereby improving security.

7. Continuous Training

The final and one of the most recommended pointers for ensuring enhanced security for construction sites is the continuous training of workers. Improved training for workers could help in proactive identification, reporting and resolution of security risks at construction sites. With every worker taking on the responsibility of safety at the construction site, you can easily elevate the security standards for the overall construction site.

Is It Easy to Secure Your Construction Site?

If you are seeking credible, high-quality solutions for security of your construction site, then K9 Security Ltd. can help you. Explore the wide assortment of trustworthy security services for different types of establishments right now and get the value of security.

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