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Confused About Security Guard Dogs? Here's Why You Need Them!

Whenever it comes to residential, business, or general safety, there are many alternatives available today in the marketplace. The rapid pace of technological advancement in the security industry might be bewildering, but how can we ever forget conventional security options?

It's been proven for years that dogs provide great security, and they will continue to do so. They can be a considerably more friendly security alarm or alert than anything else. Therefore, having access to the security guard dogs & security services is always a wise decision.


What Are Dog Patrols?

As the name suggests, dog patrols employ trained security canines to assist in securing your company's assets and facilities. The security dogs and their handlers are trained to the highest industry standards and certified to provide your business an added layer of safety.

When Do You Need The Dog Patrols?

With the help of dog patrols from the top security companies in the UK, you can stay rest assured about the safety of your premises. A guard dog may appear to be a severe measure, but on some occasions, it has proven to be one of the most effective strategies to reduce risk. It can be especially useful in the following situations:

· If you are from a high-risk industry

· If you are a VIP or high-profile person

· If your business has storage of expensive and high-end products

· If your premises has come under threat prior also

How Can Guard Dogs Keep Your Premises Safe?

Regardless of whichever categories you fall into, hiring guard dogs & mobile dog patrols in London has several advantages. Here are a few of them:

1. Criminal Apprehension

A significant advantage of hiring dog patrols is their agility, which allows them to chase down suspects faster than officers. They can also be trained to apprehend violent criminals. The dog will follow and attack a fleeing suspect on order, and if the suspect decides to fight, the dog will attack and restrain the culprit until held by the security personnel.

2. Provide Extra Security To Your Staff

Being exposed to hazards in the past or working in the high-risk sector makes these best security services in London very valuable. The trained security patrol canines are taught to recognize familiar faces, which helps your personnel feel confident around the dog.

3. Efficient Tracking

In addition to assisting in the apprehension of criminals, dogs' sense of smell is sometimes used to locate individuals on foot, whether during a criminal investigation or a search-and-rescue crisis. Trailing dogs may trace the journey of a person who has been handed something with their fragrance, sniffing the minute skin cells shed all along the way. Humans can leave behind air scent trails, and trained dogs from the top security companies in the UK can follow those trails. This allows the dog to track down a fleeing suspect.

4. Detects Explosives and Drugs

The patrol dogs hired from the London Security Company have a keen smelling sense, and hence, they are capable of detecting the odors that we cannot perceive. Proper training enables a police dog to locate certain objects, whether concealed in plastic or in something designed to cover their scent. As a rule, dogs are trained to sniff out numerous illegal narcotic drugs. They can also be taught to look for flammables and explosives.

Feel free to contact our team at if you have any questions regarding our security dog patrol service or any of our other security solutions. We will always be pleased to answer all your queries!

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