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K9 Security Ltd. is your reliable and assured solution to have a safe environment for your family and property. We provide a wide range of security services, especially with the additional support of our canine guards. Our journey started off in 2016 in UK, and we have been going strong since then, as we serve our clients with the highest possible quality of security services. 

Even if we are comparatively new in the business of security, our team includes some of the most hardworking and highly trained guards. Furthermore, the years of experience we have in our management serve as the guiding light for us to offer better security services. Presently, we offer our services to clients all over UK, particularly in prime areas such as Manchester, Essex and London. 

Our primary objective at K9 Security Ltd. largely revolves around safeguarding the people, property and assets of our clients. We have a comprehensive Security Risk Management approach that can help us in understanding the different threats to client’s security and their specific requirements. 

As a result, we could craft suitable solutions that could ensure safety of your property and people while ensuring scope for value and future improvements. At the same time, we also ensure compliance with existing ethos and regulations in the security industry throughout all areas of our services.

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Our Mission

Our mission at K9 Security Ltd. focuses on delivering proactive, customer-centric and responsive security solutions by understanding the needs of our clients effectively.

Our Vision

We want to create a comprehensive security solution tailored for every individual and agency for safeguards against existing and emerging threats with highest levels of security and necessary regulatory compliance.

Our Values

We, at K9 Security Ltd., believe that it is possible to achieve good security by placing emphasis on proper training, resource development and methodical preparation. We are able to take our beliefs ahead and work towards our vision on the grounds of following values.

  1. Honesty and integrity

  2. Transparency and reliability

  3. Respect for every individual

  4. Continuous professional improvement

  5. Exceptional levels of service delivery

K9 Security Ltd. offers various professional services and solutions tailored to your different needs and requirements. Our services include mobile patrols, K9 security guarding services, traveller evictions and K9 unit security services. We understand the continuously evolving nature of security needs and the requirement for people and businesses to deal with new security risks and threats. 

Over the years, we have developed experience through working with different clients, and our services have been well-appreciated by our clients. We take pride in having Security Industry Authority or SIA-certified guards in our workforce to ensure the best level of security for our clients. In addition, our guards and supervisors undertake other professional training initiatives for enhancing their skills to serve our clients better. We also maintain open and transparent communication with our clients to take their feedback and improve our services accordingly.

In the long run, we want to become the first choice of every person in UK for safeguarding their people, property and assets. Avail our services right now for reliable security.

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